Used Stairlift - Merrett Stairlifts

A used stairlift is a great cost-saving option

Used stair lifts are units that we buy back from our customers.

Same quality, but they cost about $1000 less than a new unit.

If you are considering a used stair lift, please give Merrett Stairlifts a call at 314-965-3899 for a free in-home consultation.

Customer Stairlifts

Merrett Stairlifts - Straight stairlift folded up

Straight Stairlift folded up at the top of steps.

Merrett Stairlifts - Straight stairlift at bottom of steps

Straight Stairlift at the bottom of steps.

Merrett Stairlifts - Pinnacle stairlift with door

Pinnacle Stairlift at the top of the stairs with basement door.