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I wanted to take a moment and share our experience with an outstanding company.

Our family was struggling with a loved one's ability to continue living an independent lifestyle while being productive and happy in their own home. This was paramount.

Due to a recent hip replacement after a serious fall, it was no longer feasible to use the 2nd floor of the home. This is where the master bedroom is located along with the main bathroom.

Instead of placing our loved one in an assisted living facility or having outside help brought in to help with the day-to-day activities, we decided to opt for freedom, independence, and mobility.

It was decided that a chair lift would be installed to reach the 2nd floor. I had never previously dealt with a company that did this kind of work. After much research, we found a stair lift located 15 miles away. The stair lift needed to be uninstalled and then reinstalled on the same day.

After reaching out to several companies, both large and small, while navigating Voice-mail, prompts, and long waits, we connected with Merrett Stair Lift.

I called Merrett Stair Lift and left a message. It was (2) two days before Thanksgiving. Not only did they return our call within 5 minutes, but the president and owner of the company also spoke with us personally about our situation. Rob Wiliams was sympathetic and knowledgeable, and he understood the task.

The Merrett integration team arrived on time. Quinn and Evan, we're professional and concise. They knew exactly what they were doing and performed extraordinarily in removing the stair lift. Then, they drove 15 miles to the new location and installed the chair lift on the same day.

After the installation was complete the service manager Quinn and his assistant Evan stayed and explained every aspect of how the chair lift operated. Each of these men was incredibly professional, courteous, and understanding. Each showed wonderful compassion.

Our family didn't know anyone at Merrett Stair Lift previous to reaching out to them with our request.

If you have a loved one that is in need of assistance, a stair lift can mean the difference between assisted care or a nursing home. The expense of in-home care is monumental as we all know.

The pride a stair lift gives your loved ones, knowing that they can remain independent, healthy, and happy in their own homes is priceless, that alone is worth more than anything money can buy.

I highly recommend Rob and his team at Merritt Stair Lift. They treated our family as if it was their own. After our experience, we consider Merrett Stair Lift family as well. A professional company, well run with high ethics and great communication at a very affordable rate.

St. Louis, Missouri

The install went quickly with no problems, and no damage or disruption to our home.

While we have not had much time to use it, we are pleased so far, in the appearance and performance of the stairlift. I selected the stairlift from information on the internet, and as a design engineer, I particularly liked the worm drive mechanism, and the materials used.

Rob Williams of Merrett Stairlifts was well informed when we first spoke regarding the lift, and he quickly measured the install area, and answered all our questions. We immediately signed a contract for the lift.

The SL600 stairlift was installed today by Merrett Stairlifts, and Rob Williams the owner did the install. Rob was exactly on time for the install, came with the proper tools, the parts having been unboxed outside so there was no trash in our house. Rob immediately began the install, and appeared quite knowledgeable regarding the product and the installation techniques and requirements. The install went quickly with no problems, and no damage or disruption to our home. He explained and demonstrated the lift operation, and tested it. I then tried it, and was pleased with the smoothness and quietness of the system.

It appears that Harmar has a very nice product, and you should be pleased with the fine customer service demonstrated by Merrett Stairlifts in the St. Louis area. I am confident that Merrett will be there if I ever need any service.

Gerald Eddens
St. Louis, Missouri

Cannot praise Merrett Stairlifts enough

I had to reschedule install 4 times and they made every accommodation for me. When it was installed it was done exactly when they said and everything was cleaned up as though they had never been there. This morning I was taking my Dad who is staying with us to an appointment and the lift wouldn't work. Merrett was here within 15 minutes and it was fixed within 30 minutes of arrival, at no charge! They also have an excellent buy back, don't try to do this yourself on Craigslist, you will not save any money. I tried and went with Merrett.

Paul S.
St. Louis, Missouri

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help during this stressful, confusing and anxious time.

After your thoughtful response to my initial email, I knew that I was contacting the right person for the job. I greatly appreciate you walking me through the process and keeping things simple. It’s a trying time for my family right now and while my Mother-in-law is focused on caring for my Father-in-law out of town, you were so flexible and understanding in working with me.

You’ve really made this an easy process and a very easy decision. Most of all, you’ve relieved the stress and worry of my father-in-law falling on the stairs. He can now safely make the trip up to the comforts of his own room.

Thank you so much for you time, your help and your patience with us through this process!

Dan W.
St. Louis, Missouri

For years, my husband wanted to get me a stairlift and I stubbornly refused.

I have a heart condition that makes it difficult for me to go up and down stairs without getting winded. But finally, my husband just went ahead and got me one (which he installed) and it has been the best thing ever! It gives me so much freedom to do things within my own house. I wish I had let him do it sooner!

Nancy Litherland
Kirkwood, MO

I needed a stair chair in my new home for one of my parents, but I wasn't sure it was possible since the staircase was in two parts with a landing in between.

Merrett Stairlifts installed two stairlifts - one for each flight - and it has worked out great! Merrett was extremely professional and the installation was done so well that the stairlift looks like it was made specifically for the house!

St. Charles, MO

Merrett Stairlifts installed a stair lift in my home so that my mother could go downstairs to our family area when she visited.

It also turned out extremely useful when my husband was sick with cancer. Merrett is one of the nicest men you will ever meet and he did a fantastic job helping me choose the right stair lift for my home and budget, and he did a great job installing it. I highly recommend him.
Chesterfield, MO

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