Helix Stairlift by Harmar

Why I recommend the HARMAR Helix custom curved stairlift. HARMAR.com

Photometric measuring system provides quick design and manufacture.

Simple, sturdy, elegant two rail system allows for tight bends and travel close to the wall.

Fewer joints than other brands allows a smooth ride.

Usually designed to park off the stairs, not on the stairs, so as not to be an obstacle.

Legendary reliability.

Helix Curved Stairlift

UP Stairlift by Harmar

UP Stairlift

UP Curved Modular Stairlift: Shorter lead times for installation

Accommodates users up to 275 lbs.

Includes remote Wi-Fi diagnostic.

Includes a joystick remote control to call or send your seat.

Fastest option for a split-level home.

Customer Stairlifts

Helix Custom Curved Stairlift

Helix Custom Curved Stairlift

Merrett Stairlifts - helix-custom-curved-stairlift-split-level

Helix Custom Curved Stairlift in a split-level home.

Merrett Stairlifts - Helix stairlift at bottom of stairs

Helix Custom Curved Stairlift with 90 degree turn.

Merrett Stairlifts - Helix stairlift with 180 degree turn

Helix Custom Curved Stairlift with 180 degree parking at top.

Merrett Stairlifts - Helix curved stairlift

Helix Custom Curved Stairlift with 180 degree turn in a split-level home.

Up stairlift by Harmar shown at top of split staircase

UP stairlift by Harmar is shown at the top of a split staircase.

Up Stairlift by Harmar customer image.

UP Stairlift with folded rail on stairs.

Up Stairlift curved track is shown on a split staircase in customer's home.

UP Stairlift curved track is shown on a split staircase in the customer’s home.

Up stairlift by Harmar shown parked on stairs.

UP Stairlift is compact with a folding footrest.